Candles have a very long history. The earliest candles are believed to have been made from whale blubber in China during the Qin Dynasty, which ruled from 221 to 206 BC. On the other hand, the oldest scented candles originated in India, they contained cinnamon and were widely used in temples. Candles still play an important role in both Christianity and other religions. The use of candles in people's daily lives has expanded from a source of light to mood creation, aromatherapy, healing, decoration and other purposes. Candles are also a great and popular gift.

We also offer a novelty on the skin care market - Body lotion candles, which are useful for body care, massage, SPA and sauna routines.

Decorative candles

Decorative candles give the room a cozy and elegant atmosphere. They can be adjusted according to any taste, room interior, season, holidays and celebrations.

Decorative candles are very diverse: from soy wax, pearl wax, beeswax, as well as from transparent gel wax. They will be a beautiful decoration for your home, as well as a great gift for various holidays.

Mood candles

Mood candles are a popular way to create a pleasant and relaxing environment. Mood candles include scented candles, crystal candles, as well as colored candles.

Mood candles can enhance your mood through aroma, visual effects, and the healing properties of crystals. By using these candles, you can enjoy relaxation, peace, love and create positive energy in the room.

Body massage lotion candles

Body lotion candles are a unique, 100% natural skin care product that is growing in popularity.

A lotion candle is exactly what it sounds like - it's a lotion in the form of a candle. You light the candle and wait for the lotion to melt. Once a liquid film has formed in the candle container, gently apply it directly to the skin as you would any body lotion.